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Recall Program

At the Endoscopy Center of Ocala, your health is our No. 1 concern. That’s why we remind our patients when it’s time for them to get screened for colon cancer. For those patients who’ve had a colonoscopy before, it’s critical that you continue to follow-up. Colon cancer is 90 percent curable if detected early, and experts predict 30,000 lives could be saved each year if everyone 50 and over got tested as well as those who have a history of polyps.

If you see an email or letter from us reminding you about your appointment — don’t ignore it. To schedule your Recall appointment or find out more information,  email us or call (352) 732-8905. If you have moved out of the area, we urge you to contact your nearest healthcare provider to schedule a colorectal cancer screening today.